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Tests for Personality, IQ, Values, Needs, Communication & Love

Throughout my 35+ years as a marketing and PR executive, consultant, and coach, I've had considerable experience with workplace and personal assessments. Measuring for attributes such as personality type, emotional intelligence, problem-solving ability/IQ, values, needs, and communication style, I've employed these tests as instruments for applicant selection, staff mentoring, and team building. 

As Director of Marketing for ERC, a 100-year-old HR organization, I led the promotional communications effort of the coaching and assessments practice. When I was Vice President of Marketing for Wonderlic, the country's oldest workplace assessments company, I helmed the marketing of all the firm's personality, cognitive ability, and skills tests to noteworthy employers and educational institutions around the world. Working closely with Wonderlic's test research and development leadership team, I also provided editorial direction on test questions for the company's various assessments. 

Now as a career, relationship, life, and spiritual coach with a private practice, I use my favorite free assessments below to help clients gain greater self-awareness, achieve more professional satisfaction and success, develop deeper human connections, and live more fully and joyfully. I also often suggest that a client's significant others take the same tests to increase mutual understanding and appreciation.

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If you're interested in interpreting your results on a deeper level, consider a complimentary consultation with me to discuss the implications in your personal and professional life and relationships. This is a great way for us to get acquainted with no commitment. Some test publishers offer a premium test and report for a fee, but all basic assessments and results are free. Most sites collect your name and email address to send you your results, but you can always opt out of future communications. Most tests can be taken in about 15 minutes or less.


Discover the traits, motivations, and emotions that drive you.


The Enneagram is a personality system with nine types that each have their own core drives, fears, and motivations. Your type is determined by your innate traits and shaped by your life experiences. Finding your Enneagram type can help you understand your life choices. The nine types of the Enneagram are divided into one of three centers of intelligence: Heart Types, Head Types, and Body Types. Take the test


The Big Five is different from other personality systems because its model is based on traits rather than types. The Big Five categorizes an inventory of traits into a spectrum of five common dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. We all have varying levels of these key personality factors that impact our thoughts, decisions, and behavior. Take the test


Based on the Myers Briggs 16 personality types, the NERIS Type Explorer personality test takes only 10 minutes to get a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. The assessment helps you understand others better, too, by learning what really drives, inspires, and worries different personality types. That knowledge can help build more meaningful relationships. Take the test.

Cognitive Ability

Measure and gain insights into five unique aspects of your IQ.


Touted as "USA's most accurate online IQ test," the Brain Metrics Initiative is devoted to high-quality intelligence and personality instruments. BMI's demo IQ test has just six questions, and the report is free. The certified IQ test is 20 questions and offers a robust 19-page report with great visuals for $19.99 that explains the five types of intelligence the test measures and what they mean. Take the test

Character & Values

Understand what makes you feel authentic and engaged.


Join the over 27 million people who have taken the only free, scientific survey on character strengths. Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that make you feel authentic and engaged. You possess all 24 strengths in different degrees, giving you a unique character strengths profile. The Top 5 Character Strengths Report is free. The Total 24 Character Strengths Report is $49. Take the test.

Human Needs

Prioritize your six needs, and recognize how to fulfill them.


What force drives and shapes all of our emotions, actions, quality of life and, ultimately, our destinies? World-renowned life coach Tony Robbins gives us insight into how we prioritize Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection/Love, Growth, and Contribution. Print and take the paper test, score your results, and use this guide from Tony's partner Cloe Madanes to interpret them. Ask me how to apply your findings!


Learn your communication style to improve your relationships.


Doing what comes naturally is not a reliable strategy for success in communicating. That's why this test publisher recommends understanding your communication style and the styles of important people in your life. With this mutual appreciation, behavior can be adapted to meet each other in the middle. This is a much more reliable approach to communication and relationship success. Take the test.

Love Language

Reveal the ways to exchange love with your significant others.


The premise of The 5 Love Languages® book and quiz is simple: different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways. By learning to recognize these preferences in yourself and others, you can identify the root of your conflicts, connect more profoundly, and truly begin to grow closer. This free test and report is useful for partners, families, friends, and even colleagues. Take the test


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The best are coached. This is true in virtually every profession, no matter the level or position. Career coaching is a personalized, structured practice that guides individuals to make the most of their professional journeys. I help clients remove roadblocks and accomplish their career missions. 


I help individuals and couples traverse the intricacies of their interpersonal relationships. This encompasses romantic partnerships, family dynamics, friendships, and work connections. I provide guidance, support, and tools to enhance the quality and longevity of any relationship.


For those seeking a happier, better life, I provide direction and motivation that helps clients make positive changes, and unlock their full value. I work with people to reveal any beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that may be holding them back from more personal and professional joy.


Spiritual coaching is a holistic, personal form of life guidance that helps individuals explore and strengthen their faith beliefs, practices, and well-being. I assist clients in deepening their relationship with God, developing greater purpose, and aligning their lives with their values. 


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