Spiritual Coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a holistic, personal form of life guidance that helps individuals explore and strengthen their faith beliefs, practices, and well-being. A spiritual coach like me assists clients in deepening their relationship with God, developing a greater sense of purpose, and aligning their lives with their values. Positive outcomes include greater inner peace, sense of fulfillment, and joy.

I combine therapeutic coaching methods with Christian principles to help people integrate faith into various aspects of their lives. This approach emphasizes personal and spiritual growth and encourages clients to strengthen their connection to God. I rely on Scripture and a non-denominational faith perspective to offer a unique framework for self-discovery that encompasses both the secular and the sacred. 

I focus on living a Fruit of the Spirit life. That’s a biblical reference, but universal message, no matter where you are in your spiritual walk or what you do or don't believe. The nine fruits are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Given the increasingly fallen state of the world, many of us seek connection to something bigger to provide hope and explain the meaning of our lives and the events happening around us.

Spiritual Coaching Services

I can come alongside you anywhere in your spiritual journey, whether you're doubting the existence of God or are a lifelong believer who wants to commune with someone like-minded. I offer open, nonjudgmental support for elevating your spiritual self and purpose. While I'll witness to how my Christian faith has transformed my life, it is not my purpose or job to transition anyone.

  • Video sessions with flexible weekday and weekend hours
  • Learning unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness
  • Processing disappointment, hurt, anger, and betrayal
  • Dealing with anxiety and fear
  • Contending with grief and loss
  • Reconciling why bad things happen to good people
  • Exploring various religious beliefs and teachings
  • Integrating faith into personal and professional relationships
  • Praying, studying Scripture, and church-going
  • Gratitude journaling and other daily spiritual practices

Spiritual Coaching Benefits

Spiritual coaching can improve your emotional and physical well-being. Clients often experience reduced stress and anxiety, while gaining purpose, peace, and clarity. A strong faith foundation can provide a sense of security and resilience, helping you cope with challenges more effectively. Faith allows joy in the present and hope for the future, no matter your circumstances.

  • From Cleveland, I can serve you virtually in any location
  • Attract and share love and joy at the highest, fullest level
  • Let go, heal, and thrive emotionally and physically
  • Cast away your cares, and experience greater freedom
  • Come to peace, and turn sadness into positive opportunity
  • Free yourself from the bonds of anger and resentment
  • Understand different faiths and gain better spiritual direction
  • Upgrade the quality and longevity of important connections
  • Remove human obstacles, get God's answers, and find community
  • Find blessing in everything, and live a happier, healthier life


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The best are coached. This is true in virtually every profession, no matter the level or position. Career coaching is a personalized, structured practice that guides individuals to make the most of their professional journeys. I help clients remove roadblocks and accomplish their career missions. 


I help individuals and couples traverse the intricacies of their interpersonal relationships. This encompasses romantic partnerships, family dynamics, friendships, and work connections. I provide guidance, support, and tools to enhance the quality and longevity of any relationship.


For those seeking a happier, better life, I provide direction and motivation that helps clients make positive changes, and unlock their full value. I work with people to explore any beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that may be holding them back from more personal and professional joy.


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