Coaching Overview

How Coaching Differs from Counseling & Therapy

Traditional Counseling &Therapy

  • Focuses on the Past for Healing in the Present
  • Therapist Can’t Offer Advice or Accountability
  • Client Is Responsible for Setting Goals & Actions

Traditional therapy, often referred to as psychotherapy or counseling, is a structured and professional approach to addressing emotional, psychological, and mental health issues. It involves a trained therapist or counselor who uses various therapeutic techniques to help individuals, couples or groups navigate and manage their mental and emotional challenges. These challenges can encompass a wide range of issues, including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship conflicts, and personal growth.

In traditional therapy, clients engage in confidential and supportive sessions with their therapist. The therapist employs evidence-based techniques to facilitate self-awareness, emotional expression, and the exploration of thoughts and behaviors. The primary goal is to identify and address underlying issues, provide coping strategies, and promote positive change. Traditional therapy can be short-term or long-term, depending on the nature and depth of the concerns. It can take many forms, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, holistic therapy, and more.

Traditional Life Coaching

  • Focuses on Your Present & Future Objectives
  • Coach Can Offer Advice & Accountability
  • Client Sets Goals & Actions with Coach's Guidance

 Traditional coaching is a structured and goal-oriented process aimed at helping individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Life coaches are trained professionals who collaborate with clients to clarify their goals, values, and potential obstacles. Unlike therapy, which often focuses on addressing emotional or psychological issues, traditional life coaching is future-focused and centered on personal development, self-improvement, and goal attainment.

In traditional life coaching, clients work with coaches through a series of one-on-one sessions. The coach provides guidance, support, and accountability as clients set and pursue specific objectives in various aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, personal growth, and spiritual development. Coaches utilize a number of tools and techniques to facilitate self-discovery, personal growth, and the development of practical strategies for achieving success.

Traditional life coaching is action-oriented, and the primary objective is to empower clients to overcome roadblocks, effect change, and unlock their full value and potential. Clients may seek life coaching for a variety of reasons, including career advancement, work-life balance, improved relationships, and personal fulfillment. The process is typically results-driven, with clients and coaches collaboratively working towards predefined goals.

Therapeutic Life Coaching – and Why I Think It's Best

  • Discusses the Past to Create Your Best Present & Future
  • Coach Can Offer Advice & Accountability
  • Client Sets Goals & Actions with Coach's Guidance

 Therapeutic coaching offers a holistic approach to well-being that combines elements of traditional therapy with traditional life coaching. This method recognizes that individuals may have emotional or psychological challenges that are impacting their ability to achieve desired outcomes in their careers, relationships, and life.

Therapeutic coaching blends the insights, techniques, and emotional support typically found in therapy with the goal-setting, action planning, and motivational characteristics of life coaching. As a therapeutic coach, I employ the best of both modalities, resulting in optimum outcomes for my clients. I’m also trained to recognize when a client would benefit from a referral to a licensed clinical counselor. These days, it isn’t uncommon for the most growth-minded, invested clients to have both a coach and a therapist. I strongly believe in this idea.

I can work with you to address both your emotional and psychological health and your personal and professional goals. I provide a supportive and nonjudgmental space for exploring your thoughts, emotions, and past experiences... and how these things may be inhibiting you in the present. I can help you gain self-awareness, process emotions, and develop strategies to cope with challenges. At the same time, I can also assist you in setting and pursuing specific goals, just like traditional life coaches. This can include career aspirations, relationship improvements, personal growth objectives or any other area of life where you seek positive change.

Therapeutic coaching can be particularly beneficial for individuals who want a comprehensive approach that combines emotional healing and personal growth. It's essential to work with a qualified therapeutic coach like me who has the appropriate training and experience to address both psychological and goal-related aspects effectively. 

To sum it up, the key difference between therapeutic coaching and traditional therapy is the emphasis on forward-looking action and goal achievement while still addressing underlying emotional and psychological issues. It's a comprehensive approach that aims to empower individuals to transcend barriers, experience transformation, and enhance their overall well-being.

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The best are coached. This is true in virtually every profession, no matter the level or position. Career coaching is a personalized, structured practice that guides individuals to make the most of their professional journeys. I help clients remove roadblocks and accomplish their career missions. 


I help individuals and couples traverse the intricacies of their interpersonal relationships. This encompasses romantic partnerships, family dynamics, friendships, and work connections. I provide guidance, support, and tools to enhance the quality and longevity of any relationship.


For those seeking a happier, better life, I provide direction and motivation that helps clients make positive changes, and unlock their full value. I work with people to explore any beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that may be holding them back from more personal and professional joy.


Spiritual coaching is a holistic, personal form of life guidance that helps individuals explore and strengthen their faith beliefs, practices, and well-being. I assist clients in deepening their relationship with God, developing greater purpose, and aligning their lives with their values. 


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