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Over the years, I've been gathering comments from marketing and coaching clients, employers, and peers. The vast majority of these testimonies are unsolicited and were sent during the course of everyday communication. Receiving positive feedback without requesting it is the most authentic, meaningful kind of recommendation to me. 

Here's an unedited selection of my favorite 35+ reviews, tagged by category: marketing, coaching, leadership, and character. Many testimonies belong to more than one category. Some entries represent a collection of messages over time from the same person; others are singular reviews of me and my work. 

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  • Liz Maier-Liu  |  President & Content Lead

    [Category: Marketing, Coaching, Leadership]

    I can count on my hand the number of people who have truly made a positive impact on my life. Nicki Artese is one of these people.

    As an exceptionally talented writer and marketer, Nicki consistently produces high-quality work. She is as creative and eloquent as she is analytical and detail-oriented, a rare combination. What’s more, Nicki’s work ethic is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She pours her heart and soul into her work and her relationships. Naturally, these exceptional qualities carried over into her leadership style.

    In the short time that we worked together, Nicki quickly transcended her role as my supervisor and became more like a dedicated coach, who was personally vested in my professional success. Under her guidance and mentorship, I experienced a year of tremendous growth and transformation.

    I came from the non-profit world, where speed of work often outpaced quality. Through honest feedback and heart-to-heart conversations, Nicki helped me self-reflect and reconsider how I approached my work. Specifically, Nicki encouraged me to slow down and improve my attention to details. She helped me hone these skills, and she challenged me to put my best work forward - always. Thanks to Nicki’s patience and continual encouragement, I adapted my work style and became more meticulous to details, which has served me tremendously in both my personal and professional life.

    A heart-centered leader, Nicki puts others first, and she seeks to serve the people that she leads. During our one-on-one meetings, Nicki always asked how she could serve us better. I always felt comfortable coming to Nicki with any personal or work-related issues because she is open-minded, empathetic, and very self-aware. She understands herself, her emotions, and how she is perceived and received by others.

    Even more so, Nicki listens to others and seeks to understand their points of view. Her self-awareness, mindfulness, and high emotional intelligence had a profound impact on the entire organization.

    I feel so incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to be mentored and supervised by Nicki. Not only did I learn through her craft and expertise, but Nicki helped me see my own blind spots, improve my weaknesses, and held me accountable throughout. She recognized my potential and used her own talents to help me develop my own. More than a supervisor, Nicki is a life-changing mentor and coach who shaped me into the person I am today.

    Liz Maier-Liu | President & Content Lead
    Maier-Liu Communications
  • Koren Bierfeldt | M.Ed. & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    [Category: Marketing, Coaching, Character]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for 16 years. When I met Nicki, I had been attempting to expand my practice and increase my client caseload for a number of years, with limited success. In the time since Nicki has been marketing my practice, my business has exploded! I have gone from being a part-time therapist with an unpredictable income to being booked solid! I now schedule clients out several weeks in advance, and my overall earnings have increased seven-fold!

    She created a website for me that was beyond anything I could have imagined and which far, far surpassed my expectations. She was able to capture the essence of me and the holistic, mind-body work that I do in a beautiful and stunning way! She has also helped me to expand professionally and to market intensive weekend retreats that I now facilitate.

    She has incredible technical expertise and SEO knowledge that's invaluable. Much more than that though, she has used her finely tuned interpersonal and coaching skills to work with me on developing every aspect of my business to levels that I could not have dreamed possible. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is truly the best of the best! I love everything that Nicki has done for me personally and professionally, and I love Nicki!

    Hi magnificent, beautiful, amazing blessing in my life! I have continued to feel very emotional since we talked! -- Just thinking about what a truly phenomenal job you have done in creating something that conveys who I am and my values in the deepest sense; also about my mom and how she would be so proud of what we have created. ;) I am also continuing to just feel so much joy around the whole thing!

    I woke up this morning still basking in all the joy and upliftment from our launch! It really is so fun and such a blessing to put out such a thing of beauty and then feel and experience all the love coming back! You did this soul sister! It's such an incredible gift!

    You're right! It almost does seem surreal to have it done & out there for everyone to see--this beautiful culmination of our relationship and a year's worth of work! Everything that you have created and written is stunning and beautiful and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    Thank you so much again for everything soul sister--especially for all of the time and energy that you keep pouring into the site and just for being willing to use your amazing gifts and talents to bless me with your work. Every time I look at the site I feel so excited and full of joy! It is such a beautiful work of art!

    You are a phenomenal human being! You have touched and impacted so many people’s lives in such beautiful and extraordinary ways.

    Your ability to not just support but really elevate me and everyone else around you. If I ever have self-doubt about anything, you have a way of immediately believing in me, and seeing and affirming the highest and best outcome with great confidence. I know you do that for everyone in your life. It’s one of the qualities that makes you an extraordinary life coach!

    You are incredibly insightful about everything — especially about human behavior.

    I’m beyond grateful for all of the success that I have been experiencing in every area of my career in the last year, and I owe it all to you!

    Koren Bierfeldt | M.Ed. & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
    Koren Bierfeldt, LLC
  • Christine Foster | M.Ed. & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    [Category: Coaching, Leadership, Character]

    Nicki, you are a woman of great strength, faith, and fortitude. You have a beautiful, loving, compassionate heart. God has definitely called you to do His work; it is evident how God has used you to lead others closer to Him, and that He will continue to use you in a mighty way.

    You've always been a special person and an integral source of support for so many. Your eloquent and wise words of encouragement are much needed and appreciated. Among your many wonderful gifts, you are a servant leader; you inspire others and help them see their full potential. You listen and love.

    Nicki, Your most impressive strengths include your commitment to working with people and helping to build people up. Your guidance, creativity, kindness, compassion, and strong motivation lift others up, inspiring and empowering each individual to work to their greatest potential. You treat each person with equality, compassion and empathy.

    I love these moments to reflect on someone who is so special and wonderful and be able to share. You speak words of truth and affirmation. You are a disciple of Christ and live your life accordingly, and the world is a better and brighter place because you're in it - My life sure is.

    Christine Foster | M.Ed. & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
    Living Well Holistic Health
  • Scott Forster | Co-owner, VP & COO

    [Category: Marketing, Leadership, Character]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    A recommendation for Nicki is easy. She is, as stated, an expert in her field. She is able to take an endless amount of experience and apply it to any situation to achieve the desired results. Her focus, determination, knowledge and work ethic separate her from any counterpart. We have been blessed to be able to have her work with our organization on so many levels. She adds value to everything that she does. I can easily give Nicki my highest recommendation.

    What a year Nicki. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and the company. You are an amazing find, an amazing talent, a super woman and someone that I look up to and respect. Thanks for a great year!

    Nicki, thank you for your time yesterday and your very well written words for me. You and just your energy, your smile and how darn good you are at what you do - such a great plus for everyone in this organization. I/we certainly do appreciate it! You are the bomb sister.

    Nicki, thank you so much for a crazy but very successful and productive couple of weeks!

    You are an amazing, shining light, so strong and steady.

    We greatly appreciate all the extra effort, especially on the Cargill presentation. Thank you for all you do. There is no one better than you.

    What a run it's been. You are the guiding light for us and for me. Could not have done any of this without you.

    You are truly amazing and we are blessed to have you as part of our team.

    None of this happens without you. I should really honor you each and every speech. You are the reason I get to do these cool events. The future is so bright we need Oakleys. What a year it's been. Let's not stop!

    You are an amazing person on so many levels. Kind of like a super onion that just gets better.

    Your caring, passion, and knowledge have changed my life and my business. You are a blessing, an amazing and special person.

    Jenn, Nicki is the best I have ever seen, you two hook up.

    Scott Forster | Co-owner, VP & COO
    Magnus International Group
  • Don Stallard | Founder & Chairman

    [Category: Marketing, Leadership, Character]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    Nicki was a highly valued member of the senior management team at The Reserves Network for about ten years. She was very instrumental in our high sales growth and greatly increased name recognition, using her unrivaled skills in the Communications arena to maximize our public relations efforts, creating highly effective advertising and providing state-of-the-art and top notch marketing support to our sales department. She was always a great team player and her creativity was sought by all. Nicki has her own company now, and with her ambition, broad skills, determination, and hard work she has made it a success. Though Nicki is no longer at TRN, her visits and the memories left behind are highly treasured. I and others at TRN, still value her friendship.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in making this a very, very successful Platinum Anniversary. I have to give credit where credit is due, and you were the "key" to our success--the "driving force” for which I am very grateful. It is also very appropriate that you were involved because you obviously had a great deal to do with what the company is today. Thanks again, and, is it too early to start planning for the 25th?

    I must tell you that, without your guidance and constant coordination, this event would never have come about. I thank you for all your encouragement, cajoling and sense of humor as this whole event was taking shape. You always have been a perfectionist and possessed of high standards. These are traits I have always admired in you.

    Obviously, we all try to emulate your strengths, but of course fall short of your capabilities. I know that everyone in the family thinks highly of you as an individual as well as someone who knows how to get the job done! Thanks again and I, too, sincerely look forward to finding additional ways to work and have fun together.

    Don Stallard | Founder & Chairman
    The Reserves Network
  • Roberta de Pina | Client Loyalty Liaison

    [Category: Coaching, Character]


    A Variety of Unsolicited Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    You are a go-to person when I need advice!

    Just a walk with the kind counselor will be nice.

    You are ALWAYS right!

    I was a different person when I hang up the phone with you. I hope one day I can be of service to you as you are to me dear sister, I mean it!!

    I praised God for this Sunday, you soften my heart Nicki.

    You always have the right words to win the battle.

    All the knowledge you have is definitely from above.

    You are delightful company, I always learn a lot with you. Thank for the dedication Nicki, very special!!

    You are gifted and you execute your gift well.

    Amen! So wonderful to know that someone thought of me.

    I love your choice of words, impeccable, when I grow up I want to have a vocabulary like yours. I am so blessed to have you as a peace-maker friend LOL THANK YOU for the prayers, they are always welcome.

    You are so not presumptuous about your intelligence - that is kind of humble and very cool, bc you don’t know any better than to be excellent and intelligent, I love that it’s so natural to you.

    I hope that helps, is not easy for someone that speaks English as a second language to describe someone as special as you dear.

    I am going over everything that we talked about, all the keywords I learned with you today. Thank you so much, It was a lovely day!

    I will listen again, I just couldn’t believe it was someone that I know, that I call friend, doing an interview like that and made into a testimony, amazing. WOW! Are you the person that I am booked to have dinner with next weekend? So proud of you, indeed very inspirational.

    This is the prettiest thing that I EVER received in my life, I feel loved, uplifted and very encouraged. I don’t even have the words to thank you. I never heard that level of kindness from anybody.

    Thank you for all the words of wisdom! I appreciate you so much.

    Roberta de Pina | Client Loyalty Liaison
    BMW Cleveland
  • Beth Calhoun-Leipold | Owner & Managing Partner

    [Category: Marketing, Coaching]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    Your resume is so impressive! I'm going to have to dig deep to find that much material.

    Bless your heart for what you've been able to share with me!

    Thank you again, so much, for your time and talent! I really appreciate you letting me bend your ear. You're a great listener.

    OK!! First glance! I'm already BLOWN AWAY!! So simple, so elegant, so well-worded. Can't wait to dive in more tomorrow!

    Thanks again, Nicki for all your hard work. I really do love where this is going. It makes so much more sense.

    I cannot get over how this site is coming along. I'm so thrilled! and THANK YOU so much for all you've done. It looks good, reads well, and functions better. I can't wait for it to go live so we can show it off.

    I LOVE everything you've done! The content on the Service page is outstanding. So great!

    Again, Nicki, I really admire your work and want to thank you again for being on that call with HubSpot. You had such great insights and questions.

    [Here are just some of the search terms for which WHI is now ranking on page 1 of Google results!] This is so incredible! What great news! Thanks, again.

    I reviewed the pages on the site and my first thought is "Mein Got!"- which in German means My God! I can tell how much time and effort went into writing, research and delving into the nitty gritty of what we do. Nicki - I am forever in your debt! What excellent writing to explain, in simple terms, what we do. I am so proud that THIS is now our site. I've learned a lot during this journey with you.

    You have done such an amazing job. This is all wonderful and exciting. I can't wait to share with Erich. I'm reading some of the pages and just blown away by the writing. It's so us, it's so not techy (which I like) when it doesn't need to be, but explains when it is needed. This is where I've been trying to get for years!

    Again, I'm a broken record, but I appreciate you SO much! You are so dedicated and talented.

    Beth Calhoun-Leipold | Owner & Managing Partner
    Work Horse Integrations
  • Angela Fox | Executive & Life Development Coach

    [Category: Marketing, Coaching, Character]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    I am still buzzing with energy and excitement from our call. Wonderful to connect and I am looking forward to next Friday!

    Thank you again for your time, passion and connecting!!

    Can’t wait to see all the good that is headed our way!

    Thank you thank you. You are amazing at what you do.

    This was impactful and extremely helpful.

    I am so grateful for you and for the chance to partner together on this journey.

    Going to be an adventure!!

    Thank you!!! So blessed by you.

    We love you and we are all blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for all you do for all of us. The card says it well - you are truly a light.

    You have such a big and special heart. You are always thinking of other people. You are always a breath of fresh air and such wonderful energy.

    We cherish your friendship. You have been a personal blessing to all of us.

    You are exactly as described... amazing!

    Angela Fox | Executive & Life Development Coach
    Angela Fox Coaching
  • Jim Smith  |  Owner & Global Executive Coach

    [Category: Marketing]

    Watching Nicki do her stuff is like watching popcorn pop -- without a lid. Her level of energy is incredible! She is also powerfully knowledgeable about marketing a business, and I've watched her create amazing results for a wide variety of clients in different industries and of different sizes. I have subsequently hired her as a marketing advisor for my company, and her wisdom has helped us transform our marketing approach and internet presence. I highly recommend Nicki -- she is my marketing guru!

    Jim Smith | Owner & Global Executive Coach
    The Executive Happiness Coach
  • Lonnie Gronek | Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    [Category: Marketing]

    Finding a branding/marketing consultant these days is easy. They’re everywhere.Finding an “outside partner” who immediately understands the issues, then can quickly analyze, assess and put together well thought out plans, is much tougher. Nicki Artese is that rare person.

    Nicki is quick to grasp the problem, issues, “challenge” of a business…then is thoughtful, focused and smart when considering the options and possible outcomes. Nicki doesn’t waste time or resources. Nor does she mince words when a manager/owner is struggling with fixing and growing their business.

    Nicki can help clear away the noise and clutter and get to the core purpose of your business again. I would heartily recommend Nicki Artese to anyone looking for an experienced brand/marketing collaborator, and in need of some forward momentum.

    Lonnie Gronek | Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Lorain-Elyria Broadcast Company
  • Prudence Sugg | Retired Letter Carrier

    [Category: Coaching]


    A Variety of Comments from the Same Source at Different Times

    Thank you for always being a great encourager with insightful advice!

    Thank you, thank you for your friendship, your kindness, your inspiration about your love for God and your friendship.

    Thank you for being understanding, patient, kind, insightful and encouraging!

    I just got done listening to your podcast, it was so good sister. I’m super proud of you and for you! You totally handled those questions like a boss! If it’s okay with you, I would like to share that with Hayle. I feel like she would benefit from listening to it. I feel like she would gain some positive reinforcement about her decisions and her life. You are very inspiring sister and I’m glad you’re in my path to stay!

    I just wanted to tell you my study today prompted me to consider what 3 people in my life keep me close to God, connected to my church and help me with my growth; keep me accountable when needed. You are definitely one of my mentors sister! Thank you for loving me, I pray your week is filled with blessings, rest and community!

    Thank you, thank you for always watching out for me and encouraging me along the way.

    Your words are always so good for me to hear, they resonate to my soul.

    ou are totally one of my Christian Mentors.

    Prudence Sugg | Retired Letter Carrier
    United States Postal Service
  • Laura Prcela | Executive Administrator

    [Category: Marketing, Coaching, Leadership]

    My history with Nicki is both professional and personal. We met while working for an HR consulting and training organization and collaborated on several different projects during our time working together. Her attention to detail in the written word and project management is unmatched. She is a strong and fair leader and her level of dedication to her co-workers, projects and the organization was unlimited. She always provided a listening ear when one was needed and provided me with a wealth of valuable advice that assisted me in the workplace. We then developed a personal relationship where she continued to guide me through life’s ups and downs while keeping a smile on my face and a song in my heart. She continues to be a trusted confidante and a true friend.

    Laura Prcela | Executive Administrator
    ARMA International
  • John Ettorre | Owner | Writing & Editing Consultant

    [Category: Marketing]

    I've known Nicki Artese for at least 15 years, and have always found her to be extraordinarily professional and knowledgeable about what she does. While I know hundreds of marketing & PR consultants and professionals, Nicki is easily among the half dozen or so best in terms of the senior-level wisdom and solid judgment she brings to clients. She understands how to get an organization's message across in the most effective (including cost-effective) way, using just the right blend of tactics and distribution channels (both new & traditional media). With her track record of building solid relationships, she's trusted by members of the media and other opinion leaders in ways most of her peers could only hope to be. She has my highest possible recommendation.

    John Ettorre | Owner | Writing & Editing Consultant
    Working With Words
  • Shawn O'Hail | AVP – Senior Software Engineer | Product Manager

    [Category: Coaching]

    You’re worth every penny Nicki, and much much more. Not just for the resume coaching but also your way of building people up and helping them see their own value. After talking to you I actually feel like I could go out and start a business and be successful with it. That is priceless, and I needed it more than you know. Thank you!

    Shawn O'Hail | AVP – Senior Software Engineer | Product Manager
    Wells Fargo
  • Patrick Durant | Director of Sales

    [Category: Marketing]

    My apologies for the tardiness of this short, but hopefully succinct note. I just wanted to express my thanks to you and commend you on a great job/marvelous work on the 20th Anniversary sale-a bration......excuse me celebration. You certainly do not need me to tell you, but you did wonderful preparation and lots "o" work to make this whole achievement come to fruition. As someone who was totally a part of the success in making it and BRANDING it to the 20 year plateau, I congratulate and thank you for all your contributions from here and from University Heights over the years.

    Patrick Durant | Director of Sales
    The Reserves Network
  • Jen Grega | MEC EAP/PS Chairperson, Association of Flight Attendants

    [Category: Coaching, Character]

    It's a blessing to have you in the world and a part of my life!! Thank you for your love, friendship, open heart, caring guidance, and grounding you bring!

    I have to say you've helped me so much about my feelings and that it's okay to have them and to share and talk about them... so thank you!

    Jen Grega | MEC EAP/PS Chairperson, Association of Flight Attendants
    United Airlines
  • Holly Vaezi  |  Real Estate Agent/Broker

    [Category: Coaching]

    Oh my goodness, you are so sweet to take the time to talk with Blake again. I know he always enjoys it, and learns a lot. Also just wanted to say a big thank you to you for talking with Lauren this weekend. I know she found your conversations super helpful and that it’s been a huge relief for her to finally come up with a plan for her major. I really really appreciate all of your help, thank you so much!!!

    Holly Vaezi | Real Estate Agent/Broker
    Pate Real Estate
  • Dustin Klein | Chief Content Officer & Publisher

    [Category: Marketing]

    Nicki's a savvy communications professional who takes the time to understand both her clients and the media organizations she's working with. That's a great combination in a field where results aren't optional; they're mandatory. She's got a great mind for creating innovative solutions and a knack for picking up on details and incorporating them into whatever she's doing. In my book, that quest for continuous improvement is one of the keys to success. And with Nicki, it's certainly proven to be the case.

    Dustin Klein | Chief Content Officer & Publisher
    Smart Business Network
  • Ben Nakon | Owner

    [Category: Marketing]

    My company would still be at ground level without her. We are now number one in Nashville thanks to her efforts and amazing work. Thank you Nicki!!!!!

    Ben Nakon | Owner
    Titan Tree & Landscape Service
  • Shelly Mongello | Owner

    [Category: Marketing]

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for planning such a wonderful event. It was really a great party, and you were a little smash hit. You looked like you were all in charge, and I was very proud to have you there representing. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Chick. It all paid off last night. All your help these last couple of years, you've made a big impact on the growth and development of my business and I greatly appreciate it.

    Shelly Mongello | Owner
    CC Salon & Spa
  • Dr. Suzana Sarac-Leonard | Internal Medicine

    [Category: Marketing]

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m very impressed. My life will never be the same. You’ll never be the same person in my eyes. You’re ‘Mrs. Chicki Eloquente.’ It is beautiful, and no objections, of course. You sound like a journalist…concise, everything is so neat. Very, very good. You make me sound very smart

    Hello, my articulate friend. We just wanted to say thank you so much for the sacrifice last night. We know that you are working hard, and that you have these rough deadlines. The invitation was really neat. We are so grateful. Ever so grateful.

    You are the best and I believe in you.

    Dr. Suzana Sarac-Leonard | Internal Medicine
    University Hospitals
  • Christine Quinn | Cash App Analyst

    [Category: Character]

    You brought so much fun and joy to the office, and even if I was having a bad day, it all changed whenever I saw you. I am so glad I got to know you and work with you. It certainly won’t be the same without you. I can go on and on about how much you mean to me and everyone else. You will be greatly missed.

    Christine Quinn | Cash App Analyst
  • Ken Russell | President

    [Category: Marketing]

    This brought tears to my eyes. I love it. Hell, we considered you part of the family from day one. As far as the "potential new hires" are concerned - you are my secret weapon. That's why including you is a stroke of brilliance on my part (if I do say so myself). I’m glad you can make it.

    Ken Russell | President
    Corporate Solutions Group at Graphic Communications
  • Debbie Kilway | Marketing Manager

    [Category: Marketing]

    Thanks so much for everything and making us look so good! You amaze me every time we talk. You were such a fantastic resource for us and always so much fun to work with. You brought out the creativity in me and everything clicked.
    Debbie Kilway | Marketing Manager
    Veritiv Corporation
  • Claire Donovan | Executive Producer

    [Category: Marketing]

    I have worked with Nicki for the past 7 years as she has pitched and delivered clients to tv shows I produce. I am happy to give her my highest recommendation! She is a consummate professional with a work ethic that outmatches most! She is extremely knowledgeable and stands out as an expert in her field. Nicki takes the time to develop and nurture lasting industry relationships. Through our relationship I have found her to be someone of high values, character and integrity. Nicki would be an asset to any company lucky enough to have her on their team. I look forward to working with Nicki on future projects!

    Claire Donovan | Executive Producer
    WKYC-TV 3
  • Hector Vega | President, Artist & Designer

    [Category: Marketing]

    You’re the best at what you do, and you’re worth every penny. I know this because I’ve worked with others who are not as good as you.
    Hector Vega | President, Artist & Designer
    Hector Vega Art & Design Studio
  • Blake Vaezi  |  Undergraduate Student in Entrepreneurship & Marketing | Real Estate Agent

    [Category: Coaching, Character]

    Nicki is a great friend of mine and has helped me immensely with giving me insight in the stock market and cyrpto market, helping me get great returns on my investments. I would 1000 percent recommend her to anyone that is trying to understand or get into investing. She is not only an amazing coach, but an amazing person to talk to.

    Blake Vaezi | Undergraduate Student in Entrepreneurship & Marketing | Real Estate Agent
    Belmont University | Pate Real Estate
  • Jerome Davis | Senior Vice President & Head of Sales

    [Category: Marketing]

    I have worked with Nicki for several years. As both an account executive and manager. Nicki always puts her clients' needs first. I always appreciated she did not approve a recommendation until she was provided with enough data to justify it. Nicki is an advocate for her clients and ensures vendors execute contracts to their entirety. I recommend Nicki as a dependable, honest, smart, and creative marketer.

    Jerome Davis | Senior Vice President & Head of Sales
    Equity Trust Company
  • Alison Krejny | Owner & Director

    [Category: Marketing]

    Nicki was, hands-down, one of my favorite clients. She always trusted my recommendations and expertise, but also felt comfortable enough to share her perspective and ideas. Nicki is extremely knowledgeable and always does her homework which allows for a natural flow on any project. She takes her job to heart and has a passion for creating successful results which makes her respected in her craft.

    Alison Krejny | Owner & Director
    To The Pointe Marketing
  • Michael Berg | Owner

    [Category: Marketing, Leadership]

    Nicki and I have worked together for a major gospel music act in the United States on their Marketing and Web Presence. She has a great ability to make everyone involved feel a part of "the team" and her attention to detail is impeccable. If you want to increase the quality and "WOW" factor of your overall communications strategy I would not hesitate to recommend her for your team.

    Michael Berg | Owner
    MDB Consulting
  • Caroline Tullis | Stylist | Founder & Blogger

    [Category: Coaching]

    I listened to the podcast episode you shared with me and I loved it!! You’re so gifted with wisdom and encouragement, everything you said spoke to me and makes me so grateful to have you in my life. I love seeing how the Lord is using you for His kingdom with your gifts!!

    Caroline Tullis | Stylist | Founder & Blogger
    Stitch Fix | Sweet Caroline
  • Jill King | Crossroads Church Group, Table, and Regional Leader

    [Category: Coaching, Leadership}

    Very Cool Nicki! Sounds like a great study and you'll be a really wonderful leader!!

    I love your perspective during discussions and when you were vulnerable and shared personal things, I was so impressed at how you incorporated your strength and wisdom from each experience. You know so much about so many things... thus the successful life coach, sister/friend and group leader you are!

    Jill King | Crossroads Church Group, Table, and Regional Leader
    Former Project/Initiative Leader at Procter & Gamble
  • Christine Hudson | Retired Service Coordinator

    [Category: Coaching, Leadership]

    I am so glad you are leading your own group. You have wonderful insights and you definitely will be a blessing to others! So  in other rock your gift(s) of the Holy Spirit! So glad and thankful to be on this kingdom journey with you! Part of my calling is equipping the saints, and you definitely are one of them. You have so much to offer!

    Christine Hudson | Retired Service Coordinator
    Arundel Woods Glen Burnie Senior Housing
  • Lori Ingram  |  Retired Sales Professional

    [Category: Coaching]

    I love the podcast and feel so lucky to be a recipient of your gifts with relationships.

    Lori Ingram | Retired Sales Professional
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Bob Lube | Owner & CEO

    [Category: Marketing]

    It's been years since Nicki and I were sitting in her office with a big window trying to think of a name for my small business TV show that was going to air on WUAB. It was getting dark, then the spotlights of the building came on, then the IDEA! "Spotlight on Business." We did it! Nicki also came up with her creative style for our LOGO used on the set behind my co-host Rebecca Shaw and myself every show.

    Nicki has the talent, creativity, and professionalism to work with any company to help them with any of their projects and to achieve any of their goals. Nicki is the best in the business in my book, and will always be my friend.

    Bob Lube | Owner & CEO
    Nighthawk Security Group
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    20 Survey Participants Submitted These Words Anonymously When Asked to Describe Nicki

    A beautiful heart and soul

    A brilliant mind

    A happy person

    A mountain and a strength in the lives of her friends

    A perfectionist

    A riot!

    A splendid person

    Ability to redirect the focus of interactions and guide them to a higher level

    Able to distill the complex into workable pieces and communicate them


    Affords me a special sanctuary

    Always able to lift you higher than where you were

    Always adds to and never takes away from any interaction…business or personal

    Always has a solution/direction to offer that moves things forward

    Always strives for perfection

    An accomplished communicator

    An extremely high level of integrity

    An infectious laugh to go with her great sense of humor

    An intense perfectionist when it comes to work

    An outstanding public speaker

    Analyzes most things at great lengths

    Articulate and eloquent Nicki Artese!

    Attention to detail

    Awesome at marketing

    Because she loves what she does so much, it doesn’t appear to her to be work. It is as natural as breathing

    Bright, witty and charming and great company to be with in any setting

    Can be counted on for love, support and friendship to anyone

    Can be trusted with the most delicate issues

    Can go to her with things completely unrelated to work and call her at any time, day or night

    Can hold a confidence

    Can quickly identify the often-subtle interests that motivate people

    Can take incompatible energies and transmute them into a more harmonious and productive blend

    Can talk to anyone



    Commitment to excellence

    Compassionate honest and goal oriented woman


    Contagious laugh

    Creative and disciplined individual

    Crowns everything with her irreplaceable sense of humor

    Dedicated to her friends as well as her clients

    Dedication to the success and growth of our company

    Deeply caring, warm, engaging person


    Effervescent personality

    Emanates positive energy

    Enables parties who have been speaking at cross-purposes to understand each other and move toward agreement

    Equally comfortable in a Boardroom or backyard barbecue

    Establishes and maintains strong interpersonal relationships

    Expresses deep love and respect for her family

    Extraordinary work habits

    Extremely creative

    Extremely effective communicator

    Faces disappointments with grace

    Far beyond anything our competition does

    Fierce loyalty

    Focuses on the important rather than the trivial

    Full of love for her family and friends


    General outlook on life affects those around her



    Gets to the heart of things fast

    Gifted communicator

    Gives advice like no other

    Gives so much of her unselfish self to us her friends

    Great cognitive therapist


    Has a fabulous gift for taking in info from different types of minds, translating it, and feeding it back in a clear and undistorted fashion

    Has good instincts

    Has helped our business grow and us along with it

    Has many things to be proud of, but is not braggadocios

    Has stood by me without fail

    Has the ability to evolve and effect change in her own life, personally and professionally

    Her presence in my life is a gift

    Her selflessness is admirable

    Her communication skills, both written and spoken, are inspiring and admirable

    Her work is outstanding

    High achiever

    High energy level


    Highly organized, neat, and tidy

    Holds a positively biased perspective on my worth to her own life


    Honest, genuine, empathic, warm


    I am really looking forward to seeing what kinds of stars this firecracker sends up next!

    I am very fortunate to have her example in my life

    I bow in awe of her

    I don't know anybody else (other than family) who would do such things when they don't have to

    I have so much love, respect, and admiration for Nicki

    I have such admiration for Nicki

    I learn from her, by the advice she provides and by her example

    I would not put my reputation on the line with this project unless I was certain she was the one

    If she says she'll do something, she'll do it and will not break a promise no matter how easy it would be to "blow it off”

    If there were two words to describe Nicki, they would be, Best Friend

    Impeccable follow-through -- immediate and complete

    Impressive memory and recall abilities

    Incredible gift for listening, assessing situations and giving great advice if she thinks you want it

    Indescribably enhancing

    Infectious laughter

    Insight and creativity, her greatest strengths

    Insight to her customers and their needs



    Lightning-swift mental processes

    Like a searchlight operating beside a variety of dim and flickering bulbs, i.e., the rest of us

    Limitless interpersonal skills

    Lively and outgoing personality

    Look at everything from a positive viewpoint

    Lots of faith in God

    Loves a challenge

    Loves life

    Loves the work she is doing

    Loves to laugh and I love that about her!

    Loves traditions and sticks to them



    Makes a good impression

    Makes it look easy

    Makes me laugh

    Makes me think a little deeper about things that I might have glossed over

    Makes our lives here, at our work place a much easier place to work in

    Makes you feel special

    Manages time well

    My gloomiest day brightens up when I hear her most tuneful voice

    Never forgets special days

    Never, ever breaks her word unless by act of God or nature

    No different in her personal life than she is in her business life


    Not afraid to lead

    Not afraid to say no (sometimes can't say no)

    Offers me honesty, understanding, and inspiration


    Outgoing personality


    People of this quality don't come along every day!


    Personable, charming, likable, funny

    Possesses a wealth of creativity and compassion

    Powerful intellect that is notably wide-ranging and comprehensive

    Precision and clarity of thought, with admirable sensitivity to implication, innuendo, and subtext

    Presents her ideas with a commanding enthusiasm that engages others’ interests


    Provides trusted guidance and support

    Quite adept at engaging everyone in meaningful conversation in both business and social settings

    Radiates trustworthiness

    Reaches out to provide a solution

    Reasonable and can "cut to the quick" in any situation


    Remembers what is important to you

    Right on track, always

    Sets high standards for herself



    Sometimes may be too much of a perfectionist, but this can be a plus in the right situation

    Stands up for herself (and clients) when necessary

    Straightforward approach

    Strong family values

    Strong insight into the mind, personality, and character of others

    Sums up situations instantly and immediately delivers responses that are packed with value

    Tactful and diplomatic


    Talented writer

    Teacher at an advanced level

    The Great Interfacer

    The kind of woman that would listen to anything and everybody even though she may be completely involved in something else

    The most dedicated hard working person I have seen in her field in my entire business career

    There is not one moment that she has not shown up or gone way over and above no matter how busy she may be

    There is really no one that I have ever met that is like her


    Truly a find

    Truly irreplaceable

    Truly is gifted as a human being who is quite capable of expressing feelings in so many ways

    Truly one of those individuals that you immediately know you can trust


    Uncommonly generous

    Understands people

    Uniquely encouraging

    Uses her intuitive gifts highly efficiently and with excellent results

    Very bright

    Very devoted to family

    Very forgiving

    Very generous and thoughtful person

    Very intelligent

    When called upon, responds rapidly

    Willing to share her considerable knowledge and talents

    Willingness to learn and grow together with others

    Wit and humor

    Works hard to maintain a broad range of knowledge and expertise in her professional pursuits

    Works quickly, thoroughly and delivers the results on time and within the constraints of the budget with no surprises

    Would make a great Human resources director

    Would drop everything to help a friend in need

    Clients, Employers, Peers, Friends & Family
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    14 Survey Participants Used These Words to Describe Nicki


























































    Of high standards












    Exceptional intelligence

    Linguistic intelligence

    Ability to articulate beautifully

    The world is truly a better and brighter place because you're in it. My life sure is.
















































    Work ethic


    Open heart

    Whole heart





























    Listening ears



    Perspectives and insights that I haven’t thought of
































    Faithful servant




    Go-to person





    Giving (share her gifts)













    Clients, Peers, Friends & Family