Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

A relationship coach is a trained, experienced professional like me who specializes in helping individuals and couples traverse the intricacies of their interpersonal relationships. These relationships encompass romantic partnerships, friendships, family dynamics, and professional relationships. The primary focus of a relationship coach is to provide guidance, support, and tools to enhance the quality and longevity of these connections. Different from therapy and counseling, a coach can offer advice and help clients set relationship actions and goals.

Every relational situation and discussion involves two or more people projecting unique beliefs and perspectives based on their past experiences. What looks like a "6" to one person is a "9" to someone standing on the opposite end. Both views are right, yet a lack of this understanding and honest, ongoing communication are common relationship challenges. Ultimately, the good and bad behavior of others is not personal, even when it feels like it. I believe that every behavior begins with the positive intention of fulfilling a human need. Sometimes we choose negative actions to fulfill those needs and others get hurt in the process. We do, too.

We form beliefs and make key decisions about ourselves and the world when we’re young. Then we spend the rest of our lives collecting emotional experiences that support our theories. These are the stories we tell ourselves, and often they differ from the realities or intentions of others. It’s been said that we don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are. I couldn’t agree more. When you can understand and gracefully accept your behavior and the behavior others – both cognitively and emotionally – you can forgive because you’ve been forgiven and thrive in all aspects of your life. This belief is central to my being and relationship coaching approach.

Relationship Coaching Services

In the past, a heavy cross I’ve carried was feeling disappointment and hurt in my relationships. It gives me great joy to uplift others by sharing what I’ve learned about human behavior from doing my own deep personal development work over the years. This has dramatically changed my relationships and my life for the better.

  • Video sessions with flexible weekday and weekend hours
  • Individuals, couples, families, friends or coworkers
  • Upgrading your relationship with self
  • Personal relationship success strategies
  • Business relationship success strategies
  • Past relationship challenges exploration
  • Human needs assessment
  • Personality type assessment
  • Love language evaluation
  • Teamwork style evaluation
  • Communication type assessment
  • Communication skills enhancement
  • Difficult conversations and relationship management
  • Conflict resolution and prevention approaches
  • Relationship boundaries and goal setting

Relationship Coaching Benefits

Healthy, happy relationships are the foundation of a healthy, happy life. Whether you're introverted, extroverted, independent or coupled, we're meant to do life with others in various ways. Relationship coaching helps remove any barriers to realizing your most successful, joyful personal and professional connections.

  • From Cleveland, I can serve you virtually in any location
  • Get guidance individually or with any important person in your life
  • Get to know your values, strengths, and opportunities for growth
  • Deepen your emotional connections and enhance intimacy
  • Form more harmonious, meaningful work relationships
  • Understand your relationship patterns and behaviors
  • Learn about your main needs and the needs of significant others
  • Identify your personality style and the traits of significant others
  • Understand your love language and the love needs of your VIPs
  • Know your group relationship style and how to work with others
  • Appraise your communication style and how to approach others
  • Develop strategies for empathetic and constructive dialogue
  • Uncover options for handling challenging discussions and people
  • Resolve relationship issues and stop repeat occurrences
  • Establish limits and objectives and perfect how to share them


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The best are coached. This is true in virtually every profession, no matter the level or position. Career coaching is a personalized, structured practice that guides individuals to make the most of their professional journeys. I help clients remove roadblocks and accomplish their career missions. 


For those seeking a happier, better life, I provide direction and motivation that helps clients make positive changes, and unlock their full value. I work with people to reveal any beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that may be holding them back from more personal and professional joy.


Spiritual coaching is a holistic, personal form of life guidance that helps individuals explore and strengthen their faith beliefs, practices, and well-being. I assist clients in deepening their relationship with God, developing greater purpose, and aligning their lives with their values. 


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