Marketing & PR Consulting

From emerging enterprises to billion-dollar businesses, I provide ongoing communications strategy and solutions, from concept to completion, to growth-minded companies and individuals entrusting part or all of their marketing, PR, and advertising function to a highly relational, stakeholder-level partner. I promote B2B and B2C clients in local to international geographies from a variety of industries, including staffing, workplace assessments, human resources, health care, manufacturing, real estate, publishing, printing, and more.

I Help Organizations & Individual Entrepreneurs:

  • Increase current and new business by creating and implementing multichannel marketing and PR plans.
  • Significantly and efficiently raise awareness of their products and services to their customers and prospects.
  • Creatively and effectively discover and communicate their selling points of differentiation across platforms.
  • Establish their business as an industry frontrunner and give rise to the stories of their success and innovation.
  • Optimize their websites to rank organically on page 1 of search results for critical keywords, with high CTRs.
  • Ensure their social media strategy and content improves business sentiment and drives engagement and conversions.
  • Procure and expertly manage hundreds of earned/non-paid news stories and editorial for print, broadcast, and web.
  • Create community service events and identify sponsorship options for corporate giveback and philanthropy.
  • Craft winning nominations for dozens of prestigious regional and national business and industry awards.
  • Develop strategies and content to improve internal communication and leader-employee relationships.
  • Transform crisis into opportunity for authentic, transparent communication and reputation turnaround.

Career, Relationship, Life & Spiritual Coaching

I completed my coaching training under world-renowned teachers Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, and Coaching Institute founders Mark and Magali Peysha. Over my 35-year career as a business owner and executive, lifelong learner, and award-winning, top-performer in marketing and PR, I've acquired advanced knowledge in personal growth, relationship management, and career counseling. I’ve developed and coached a broad range of staff and client teams and also have extensive experience in HR, consumer behavior, and assessments.

I Help Individuals:

  • Determine how to fulfill their purpose and calling, both personally and professionally.
  • Identify their strengths and embrace opportunities for career and relationship growth.
  • Assess their emotional and spiritual needs – and those of their significant others.
  • Experience themselves and others with lasting mercy and forgiveness.
  • Learn healthy perspectives and uplifting personal communication styles.
  • Achieve greater understanding, compassion, and joy in all their relationships.

Positions & Companies

Over the more than three decades of my career, I've served in top marketing, management, leadership, and shareholder roles for start-ups to global brands. I've raised the visibility, authority, and revenues of industry pioneers in staffing, workplace assessments, human resources, health care, manufacturing, real estate, publishing, printing, and more. During the first half of my career, which started in 1988, I held executive staff positions in marketing. Since 2002, I've owned and operated my marketing/PR and coaching business as a solo practitioner.


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I love calling well-deserved attention to the significant accomplishments of my clients and employers by applying for and winning many prestigious business awards. Along the way, I've also been personally recognized for my achievements in marketing, PR, and media over the years.


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