Media/PR Appearances

In addition to the awards and recognition I've helped my marketing and PR clients and employers gain, I've also garnered commendation and exposure for my individual work during more than 30 years in the communications field.

Cleveland-area Print & Broadcast News

  • Placed or managed 2,000+ earned (free) news stories in/on local to national print, radio, TV, and online media | 1988-present
  • Guest columnist, Smart Business magazine – wrote quarterly business advice articles for clients | 2014-2016
  • Guest columnist, The Plain Dealer’s – pitched and wrote Q&A feature for professional services client | 2008-2009
  • Writer and editor of “My Cause,” a monthly column in COSE Update magazine featuring successful entrepreneurs | 2007-2011
  • Career Counsel reporter, CBS 19 News Business Week – wrote and broadcast 40 segments on career development | 1998-1999

Awards & Honors

American Staffing Association

  • First Place, Total Overall Public Relations (6 awards)
  • First Place, Best Use of Key Messages
  • Award of Merit, Total Overall Public Relations
  • Honorable Mention, Total Overall Public Relations
  • Honorable Mention, Public Service
  • Honorable Mention, Specialty Advertising
  • National Public Relations Committee (4 years)
  • Public Relations Presenter at Annual Convention (2 years)​

National Association of Personnel Services

  • First Place, Commitment to the Industry
  • Award of Excellence, Public Relations​

Ohio Staffing Services Association

  • Media & Public Relations Board Member (5 years)
  • Goodwill Award
  • Industry Awareness Award

Other Business & Industry Organizations

  • Weatherhead Excellence in Management Award
  • Presenter, Staffing Industry Sales & Marketing Institute, D.C.
  • Speaker, The Financial Executives Networking Group, Cleveland
  • Presenter, Cleveland Career Initiatives Center​


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