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From my home base in Cleveland, Ohio, I've worked with clients of all sizes and from a variety of industries. Whether a local solo practice, emerging regional business or 100-year-old organization that serves the nation, they all share common goals of sales growth, margin expansion, and healthier profits. They desire to be industry leaders that are socially responsible and community-minded. They also seek to be best-in-class, people-first workplaces with leading-edge organizational practices and technology solutions. 

What's unique about my experience is that it isn't limited to the marketing and PR silo. As a shareholder, executive leader, and management team member of a number of companies including my own, I've had significant exposure to and made a measurable difference in all areas of business, from sales and customer service to technology, HR, operations, and finance. I've learned a lot by always having a seat at the table.

I Help Organizations & Individual Entrepreneurs:

  • Increase current and new business by creating and implementing multichannel marketing and PR plans.
  • Significantly and efficiently raise awareness of their products and services to their customers and prospects.
  • Creatively and effectively discover and communicate their selling points of differentiation across platforms.
  • Establish their business as an industry frontrunner and give rise to the stories of their success and innovation.
  • Optimize their websites to rank organically on page 1 of search results for critical keywords, with high CTRs.
  • Ensure their social media strategy and content improves business sentiment and drives engagement and conversions.
  • Procure and expertly manage hundreds of earned/non-paid news stories and editorial for print, broadcast, and web.
  • Create community service events and identify sponsorship options for corporate giveback and philanthropy.
  • Craft winning nominations for dozens of prestigious regional and national business and industry awards.
  • Develop strategies and content to improve internal communication and leader-employee relationships.
  • Transform crisis into opportunity for authentic, transparent communication and reputation turnaround.


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From marketing and PR strategy and execution to branding, web development, and all forms of digital and print content and design, I've operated as a full-service, award-winning agency since 2002. Prior to forming my practice, I spent 15 years building and leading corporate communications teams.


From local start-ups to international, multimillion-dollar entities, most of my corporate clients are small to middle-market organizations. Many are serving national audiences and widely recognized brands. I also team with individual entrepreneurs motivated to break away from the ordinary.


I've gathered my favorite marketing, PR, and advertising productions for by-request showings. My portfolio represents more than 35 years of award-winning content, design, and promotions. When you schedule a free marketing or PR consultation with me, it includes a presentation of my work.


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