Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching?

The best are coached. This is true in virtually every profession, no matter the level or position. Career coaching is a personalized, structured practice that helps individuals make the most of their professional journeys. An experienced practitioner like me provides qualified guidance and support to help clients remove roadblocks, make beneficial choices, and accomplish their career missions. Career coaching is valuable at all stages of the employment life cycle. 

Whether you're new to the workforce or a seasoned executive, it's common to feel uncertain at times about your career path. I can help you decide what's next by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values. Leaving your current role may not be the answer. Through introspective assessments and in-depth discussions, you'll gain options and a clearer understanding of what you want in your career – and life.

If you're here, work likely consumes the majority of your time. You deserve to succeed and enjoy it as much as possible. They key is to uncover and understand anything keeping you from ultimate career fulfillment. I look forward to sharing all I know about how to make that happen!

Career Coaching Services

Whether seeking a new position at a different company or advancement within a current organization, most of my clients desire even greater job satisfaction. Sometimes that means more money and responsibility. Other times that means more flexibility and work-life balance. I can meet you wherever you are, with 35+ years as a successful marketing executive, business owner, and career coach.

  • Video sessions with flexible weekday and weekend hours
  • Résumé / biography consultation
  • Personal branding and marketing, including social media 
  • Personality, skills, and needs assessments
  • Job search strategies
  • Job interview preparation 
  • Job offer evaluation and negotiation
  • Job satisfaction improvement
  • Communication skills advancement
  • Leadership traits development
  • Performance evaluation preparation
  • Raise and promotion discussion strategies
  • Difficult manager or coworker coping methods
  • Resignation and new job transition planning
  • Post-retirement service and employment options

Career Coaching Benefits

Having a career coach is a great way to develop a strategic plan with actionable goals and steps. I can be your accountability partner, guide, sounding board, and motivator whose insights bring greater focus and purpose to your career. If you want to Increase your marketability and happiness, experience growth, reduce stress, and improve well-being, consider career coaching!

  • From Cleveland, I can serve you virtually in any location
  • Create next-level job search and promotion documents 
  • Enhance professional presence and personal marketing assets
  • Gain insights into your unique traits, gifts, and career/life values
  • Capitalize on effective ways to identify new career opportunities
  • Master answers to traditional and behavioral interview questions
  • Learn how to get the position, salary, and benefits you deserve
  • Discover reasons to be happier and more productive on the job
  • Expand your capacity to successfully manage and lead others
  • Improve your ability to write and speak directly and persuasively
  • Be ready for a productive, positive job performance meeting
  • Get primed to ask for that raise and/or promotion
  • Learn how to deal with challenging bosses or peers
  • Strategize on how to leave a job with professionalism and grace
  • Uncover possibilities for meaningful work after you retire

How Career Coaching Differs from Counseling & Therapy

Career coaching differs from traditional counseling or therapy in its primary focus and approach. Career coaching is future-oriented and concentrates on professional development, goal setting, and skills enhancement. It aims to assist individuals in advancing their careers, making better job decisions, and achieving their professional aspirations. 

Conversely, traditional counseling or therapy addresses emotional, psychological, and mental health concerns. It delves into the past to understand and resolve issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma, often through therapeutic interventions and analysis. While both offer valuable support, career coaching is proactive and practical, geared toward helping individuals succeed in their professional lives, rather than addressing psychological or emotional challenges.

My holistic brand of career coaching blends the best aspects of traditional coaching and traditional counseling. Using therapeutic coaching, I offer a hybrid model for professional well-being that combines elements of traditional therapy with coaching. This method recognizes that individuals may have emotional or psychological factors impacting their ability to achieve optimal career or personal outcomes. Clients who are especially invested in personal and professional development may have both a coach and counselor. I'm a firm believer in this pursuit.

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